Chemical Storage Building

Context Design Group recently completed the design for the 22,000 SF New Chemical Storage Building (Plant 10.2 CSB) to support the New Assembly Line Expansion currently under construction at Plant 10 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The exterior character is designed to blend with the new expansion and existing facilities. In working with BMW’s employees, Context Design Group developed a preliminary design based on BMW’s growing needs for both inbound and outbound materials/containers. Multiple options were developed to determine the optimum and most efficient layout for the facility.

Plant 10.2 CSB is designed to house both Hazardous and Non-Hazardous chemicals which are used to support the Automotive Assembly and Painting Operations. The design provides for separation of Inbound and Outbound materials. Both storage areas incorporate isolated trench drain systems, monolithic poured-in-place storage rack & containment curbs, chemical resistant epoxy coated floor/pit walls and sump pits to assist with the removal of any eventual chemical spills. The outbound area provides additional protection with secondary containment at the Hazardous Materials Storage Areas. The facility also includes a Vehicle Maintenance Garage to provide maintenance functions on vehicles used for delivery, loading and unloading processes involved with this operation. Also included is a small administrative area for four to five people along with mechanical, electrical, IT and fire protection support systems. Mechanical & electrical support systems have been designed to meet Class I / Division I code requirements.


Plant 10.2 CSB is also designed with a covered Finger Dock system to provide environmental protection for truck docking stations and waste disposal container fixed positions. The design provides for four docks and four fixed disposal container locations between concrete finger docks which provide side, front and rear access to each position. The dock ramp area is sloped to an exterior trench drain system which provides spill containment for the ramp area and is designed to prevent stormwater contamination. The dock area also includes a covered drive-in ramp to allow direct access of forklifts and delivery vehicles to Inbound and Outbound Storage areas.

The building design incorporates a non-combustible conventional steel framing system with insulated metal panel and precast exterior skin. The wall systems provides for fire rated compartments to isolate the Inbound and Outbound areas. In addition, the exterior metal panel system is designed to provide for Blast Relief Venting for the Inbound and Outbound areas.