BMW F-26 X4

F-26 (X4) Body Shop, New Industrial Facility

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Context Design Group, PLLC in conjunction with Walbridge Construction were selected to design the new X4 Body Shop facility on the BMW campus in Greer, SC in 2012. CDG was a partner of the Design-Build team led by Walbridge Construction. CDG was responsible for Architectural and Structural engineering for the project.

CDG prepared a study of how the 307,000 square foot Body Shop aligns with the BMW campus master plan and incorporated design features to coordinate with the building’s future logistical use. Along with its Structural partner, CDG developed an efficient structural system meeting the long clear-span requirements of BMW while drastically cutting the steel tonnage that would typically be necessary, thus resulting in a great cost savings for the project.

The open facility includes support Mezzanines in each corner housing restrooms and break areas on the ground level with Electrical substations above serving the process areas. CDG also coordinated with the Mechanical & Electrical contractors/engineers to produce the HVAC and electrical bus layouts for the facility. CDG was also responsible for design of a steel trestle to route utilities from the central energy center on the BMW campus to the new facility. This involved a carefully coordinated effort between Structural and Civil engineers to align the trestle piers with existing utility runs and accommodate future needs.


Throughout the initial phase of the project, CDG worked closely with the Contractor to streamline the design phase and shop drawing review in order to expedite the timeline of the project. CDG relied on their extensive experience with this building-type and prior BMW experience in order to contribute to the team’s fast-track schedule, resulting in meeting the required substantial completion and equipment move-in date less than 7 months after the contract award.