Road Courses and Private Club

“A place to call home for High-end Clientele relative to vehicles/Motorsports...” is perhaps the phrase that best describes this project presentation. Context Design Group introduces new customers to Las Vegas through the design of this High-end Automotive Atmosphere that compliments the existing world class Cascata Golf Course and Clubhouse.


The Motorsports Resort & Private Club, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, will be a first class, high performance driving center. Facilities and events meet the demand for sophisticated consumer and corporate entertainment. This Private Track with Clubhouse provides a destination that brings individual Members and Visitors back for more Fun, Quality, Entertainment and Proximity.

The Plan Features Multiple Road Course Tracks with design elements of the world’s legendary circuits, Public and Corporate Events & Amenities, a Manufacturer’s Performance Driving & Vehicle Delivery Center, etc. The Motorsports Resort is designed to capitalize on several powerful trends: increasing popularity of motorsports, rising demand for consumer leisure activities and high performance cars, and the need for unique corporate entertainment activities.


The improvements to the site will provide the landowner with a more lucrative avenue for advertising and promotion conducive to their existing clientele. The Resort’s Membership would include the Private Member’s Track with 365 day admittance, access to the First Class Clubhouse with Restaurant and Lounge, a Pro Shop & Tech Shop, also providing a Member’s Race & Vintage Car Museum, Vehicle Storage Facilities, optional Trackside “Garage Majals”, Locker Rooms & Showers, and much more.

The Motorsports Park will feature a variety of large-scale racing events and formats including but not limited to vintage race events, 7 + 21 Hours of Vegas, NASCAR week events, as well as “Concours D’Elegance” Car shows, Celebrity-Charity and Select Professional Competitive events. Arrive and Drive Programs, Performance Driving School, Product Introductions, Race Team & Track Rentals, Convention Related Events, etc. are Events and Activities offered also to the Public. 

Several Design and Operational Considerations would take care of Security control at all access points, no traffic issues, natural noise absorbtion and reflection due to site topography, and Lighting for evening operation.