Office and Shop/Hanger

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Century 3, Inc. is an international General Contracting firm specializing in Industrial Equipment installation.  Context Design Group was selected to design a new Office and Shop/Hangar in Campobello, SC to expand their business capabilities. The site is located at an existing airfield, and as such, the capability of storing aircraft was necessary. This provided unique challenges in terms of structural design, the 60’ one-way hangar door and fire code requirements. Through close coordination with structural engineers, our team was able to incorporate a 100’ clear span even with the custom side wall hangar door location. The building location also provides generous vistas of the distant mountain range which heavily influenced design criteria like finish floor heights and glazing. The stair stepped office design provides each individual employee a visual connection with the picturesque landscape. The proximity to a residential zone necessitated a design and layout that while still industrial, respects the sensitivities of the surrounding community.


An ability to expand in the future was integral to the concept. By finishing and furnishing the interior of the unused upper floor, office area can be doubled. The 25,000SF. Shop/Hangar has provisions to add a second hangar door in the endwall or to relocate that wall in the event of an expansion in this area. A solar array on the expansive shop roof will collect significant wattage for a variety of power consumption applications. The shop also utilizes a passive ventilation system in an effort to reduce energy wasted from the constant use and large area of overhead and hangar doors.  Mechanical systems in the office will provide the majority of heating and/or cooling during off peak hours to reduce running cost.