Pump Station Replacement

Context Design Group was selected by Greer CPW and the Engineering Program Manager (Rogers & Callcott) to design the new three level main pump station utility service facility to be located on the BMW Manufacturing/SC State Port Authority Site in Greer, SC. The facility has an overall footprint of approximately 4,000 SF.  The Lower Level Main Pump Floor is 35’ below finished grade. Due to a higher than normal water table, the foundation system is designed to withstand the hydrostatic pressure using poured concrete cantilevered retaining walls which taper from 1’-0” thick just above grade to 2’-6” thick at the base. The steel reinforced concrete floor slab is 24” thick.


The main building shell (above grade) will be constructed of brick in-lay pre-cast concrete insulated wall panels with a concrete pre-cast floor and roof framing system.  Both floor and roof framing will be finished with a poured in place concrete topping.


The facility is equipped with maintenance bridge crane, in addition, to two wall-mounted Jib cranes. The bridge crane has a monorail transfer device to provide for easy replacement and service of a complete pump skid. This crane is also used for general maintenance of the equipment and piping systems.


The facility design incorporates natural day lighting windows in the façade to reduce operating cost and provide for an efficient energy conscious facility.