Entry Lobby

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As part of their initial facility construction, Draexlmaier Automotive of America placed a great deal of importance on conveying their corporate image through the entry Lobby of the new headquarters facility. The central 2-story Lobby serves as a circulation core for employees while providing a secure area for visitors to be met upon their arrival.


The first level opens to the cafeteria and conference space along with secure access to the Production floor. The second level connects the executive office space with financial & HR open office space on either side. The elevator comprises a central vertical element within the space providing access between levels. Stainless steel railings and drywall accents provide a connection to the exterior metal wall panel bands on the exterior.


A chief element of the exterior & interior design is the exposed structural members. Harkening back to their German facilities, Draexlmaier wished to utilize the structure as a focal element.