Production + Office Expansion

Draexlmaier Automotive of America turned to long-term partner Context Design Group for design of the new Production expansion area with a new Security office & Training area. Draexlmaier had an extremely tight schedule in order to meet production agreements, and CDG performed the facility design, bidding, and contract administration services (including a 6-week 100% Construction Document deadline) within this time-frame.


CDG managed a design team in providing a flexible Production area that can accommodate multiple Owner processes, similar to previous projects at the Plant. An 18” floor slab, ESFR fire suppression system, air/water/gas pipe rack loops, and power cable tray systems throughout the expansion are some aspects providing this flexibility for multiple uses of the space with minimal re-work necessary. The Production area includes a 10,000 SF mezzanine clear-spanning the truck dock area allowing for staging and sequencing of material efficiently at their logistic center.


Aligning with the existing truck entry point on the site, a new Security office anchors this new expansion. CDG coordinated with the Owner’s multiple stakeholders in order to produce a layout to centralize the facility’s security functions. This Office area also includes a medical clinic for employees, new locker room space, as well as meeting space for multiple uses.

As with previous expansions at this facility, Draexlmaier must remain in full operation, 24 hrs/day & 7 days/week, during all phases of work. This includes all logistical operations as trucks are shipping/receiving on-site at all times. Very careful coordination and planning up-front was necessary in order to ensure there were no issues with existing processes.