Master Plan / Conceptual Design

E+I Engineering continued their long-standing partnership with Context Design Group in creating a long-term site master plan and following through with the first phase in building expansion works.


After fully maximizing their existing site through previous building projects, Context worked with E+I to analyze the existing adjacent property to produce potential facility and parking layouts in order to examine the viability of the parcel along with assisting the Owner through site reconnaissance during the purchase phase.

Multiple master plan concepts were detailed and reviewed with E+I’s management team, pros & cons were documented, potential process areas and logistical flows were analyzed, and possible construction sequence phases were discussed in order to narrow down a direction for the planning activities to follow. Context managed our consulting Civil Engineers and Structural Engineers during this process to gain their input and expertise as it related to ‘big-picture’ concepts in order to ensure E+I had all relevant information available as the critical decisions in how to develop the site were decided.


Moving forward, Context developed a conceptual master plan for the long-term development of the site to grow as the company grows. The master plan accommodates multiple construction phases from both a site/parking development and facility expansions. Utilizing our consultants, a conceptual package was put together for the first phase of work, aligning with the process goals of E+I for the next steps of their growth. The Owner now has a detailed facility plan aligning with their process objectives as they continue to grow their domestic business.