Georgia Ports Authority - Operations Center

Programming & Conceptual Design for New Port Operations Center

  • CDG Role: Architect Planner, Proramming & Conceptual Design
  • Year Completed: 2009
  • Project Size: $15M

Context Design Group, PLLC in conjunction with Port Planners, Moffatt & Nichol, provided Programming and Conceptual Design Services for the New 56,000 SF Operations Center for Georgia Ports Authority in Savannah, Georgia.  The facility is situated on an existing site located behind and adjacent to existing port facilities.  Exterior character of the facility is designed to allow for overseeing of all Critical Port Operations.  


CDG met with port employees at all levels of the organization to develop an overall program for the facility prior to beginning design activities.  With a program approved by the port executive team, CDG developed a Conceptual Design Package to be used for soliciting Design / Build Proposals from Local Development Teams.

The Operations Center is designed to house the various port operations departments (both Container and Ship Operations).  First Level is designed to hold the common functions such as the central cafeteria, lockers/shower facilities, central meeting spaces, secured entry/lobby, employee training, and critical mechanical/electrical systems to remain in service 24/7.  All entrances are designed to be secured through the use of vestibules and various levels of fencing.  The Second Level is to act as a space to be developed for future port use or possible leased tenant spaces for critical support vendors of the Port.  Planned for the Third Level are administrative functions for Container and Ship Operations which is positioned and organized to oversee ports activities with a centralized “Situation Room” & “Operations’ Control Center”.  Energy-conserving features such as hurricane shutters and sun shades are incorporated for protection during critical conditions and to allow for continued ongoing operations at the Port. 



Building is to be comprised of a conventional steel frame with cast stone veneer, metal cladding, and energy-efficient glazing.  The interior incorporates the use of the latest materials with a mixture of private and open office functions.


The Site Layout is designed to isolate POV parking with fencing to provide security at the employee parking areas and create secure access to all Port Operational Areas.