City of Greenville, Commerce Center Feasibility Study

City Operations Center Study

  • CDG Role: Architect, Programming, Feasibility Study
  • Year Completed: 2009
  • Project Size: $12M

Context Design Group, PLLC (CDG) developed a feasibility study for The City of Greenville, SC using their programming and schematic design services for what was being considered to be the City of Greenville Commerce Center.  The City of Greenville was in the process of due diligence for the acquisition of a 550,000 SF existing building and turned to Context Design Group to study how they could consolidate multiple city services, currently housed in separate buildings at multiple site locations, to one cohesive facility.

CDG utilized their Programming Technique to interview multiple city departments to determine GOALS & NEEDS for the consolidated facility.  Our team worked to inventory all current and planned future equipment in addition to document functions and processes needed at the new facility.  Certain departments simply needed more room to grow in the future, and some departments needed to change space allocations and flow to optimize their departmental efficiency.  Once the Programming Document was finalized, our team shifted focus to developing an optimized plan to best utilize the existing building under consideration by the City. 


CDG then developed a Feasibility Study to look at needed upgrades, costs and timing associated with the purchase of the existing building and worked with City Officials to determine the “Best Path Forward” for the New Consolidated Operations Center.