Retail Store Design

Context Design Group designed a 1,200 square foot retail space for the internet and voice service provider HiBeam. This design is the second in a series of retail stores the company will be creating. The site for this second store is located in a strip mall in Marion, Illinois. The space that was leased was even narrower than the first store, so it was key in the design to be able to work with that narrowness and still be able to create a functional space.

The project worked from conceptual design to construction documents, and also included interior renderings. The development of a consistent design that would serve as branding and customer recognition for the other stores to come was very important.  We designed the iconic yellow stepped soffit piece over the main work area that was created directly from the wave bands in the company logo. The design of the store incorporates a lot of curves because of the logo and also because of how it helps to transform the typical retail store box. We wanted to create a sense of movement for the customers as they enter the store. Also required was the design and construction of several custom casework pieces that would be in all of the stores. These pieces also needed to be able to fit into all of the future stores, be easily reproducible, and be part of the company image.