Process Equipment Installation and Renovation (Plant & Office)

MK Metallfolien, GmbH out of Germany contracted with Context Design Group to design, project manage, and oversee the installation on their first US Steel Rolling-mill & Slitting Line Operation. Context Design Group was responsible for finding an existing facility to purchase which would accommodate their long term goals and objectives for the US Market. Context Design Group worked with MK Metallfolien to develop a major renovation program for the existing building.


Context Design Group developed an optimum layout to house their rolling mill, slitter line and staging space for raw materials, WIP and finish goods. The equipment was being manufactured for the German Market and was shifted to the US due to strength of market conditions. Because of the specifics machine there were particular concerns with the elaborate manufacturing processes and minimal tolerances required to support the machine.  Because of these, every dimension of the new concrete floor/foundation is critical to the success of the machine installation and product quality. The two lines incorporate approximately 650 and 300 cubic yards of concrete for the rolling mill and slitter foundations respectively.

Reinforcing steel consisted of 57,000 lbs. and 30,000 lbs. respectively. Specialized large diameter anchor bolts in flexible sleeves were peppered (approximately 300) throughout to allow adjustment of the heavy machinery that could only be determined once all equipment was in place. Tolerances of .005 inches were achieved with the anchor bolt placement and this was verified by a third party surveyor working for the Architect. Included is an electrical room providing 480 and 690 volt service with fire block filled pits and wall openings. Through our coordination meetings, many extraneous details were eliminated which resulted in a more efficient and less costly design.


MK will see an immediate return on their investment as Context Design Group was involved in the acquisition of half of their building by another tenant. Due to our general industrial experience and intimate knowledge of this building, we facilitated the design for this tenant as well.