New Plastic Injection Molding Facility

Pine River Plastics is an injection molding company that serves a wide range of consumer goods markets nationwide. When Pine River Plastics looked to build a second manufacturing facility, they turned to the Southeast as a strategic location to supply the region’s growing Automotive Industry. After an extensive site search, Pine River chose a 32-acre site in Oconee County, South Carolina.


Because this was Pine River Plastics first greenfield facility, they were unfamiliar with the most cost- and time-effective ways to plan and execute such a large-scale project. Pine River called in our design team to help them with the front-end planning for the project.


Through our unique programming process, our team was able to quickly identify Pine River’s space and process flow requirements for their forecasted demand. Our design team went on to produce process flow diagrams and identify the break line between process and facility scope. From this information, our project team created a conceptual facility design and site master plan to meet the project’s requirements.

To ensure compatibility between facility and process, the project team integrated a new materials handling strategy and warehouse design into the team’s process flow concept. By selecting a centralized materials handling strategy, the team was able to maximize the efficiency and flexibility of the new warehouse.

After completing the conceptual process flow and facility design, our team produced a scope definition document that outlined the design basis, operational analysis and recommendations, conceptual facility design and outline specifications for the 60,000 square foot building. This comprehensive document was issued to qualified local design/build firms to get the advantages of competitive “apples-to-apples” bidding.

* Completed as an OA-FMP Project