Facility Repair + Production Expansion + Office Addition

Polysols Textile Solutions’ facility in Spartanburg, SC was heavily damaged (and partially destroyed) by a tornado event. Immediately following the storm, Polysols’ German parent company brought Context Design Group in to manage the demolition & repair activities in order to get the facility back into operation.

Initially, the heavily damaged portion of the facility was demolished through a ‘RACM’ method due to the asbestos content in the materials. Context then managed the relocation of the electrical service to the other side of the site due to the existing location being within the area of demolition. This relocation involved new switchgear and back-feeding the existing building infrastructure. Areas within the facility to remain also sustained structural damage and were analyzed individually with repairs made accordingly.


After stabalizing the situation with the existing facility, Context then moved to design of the re-build, replacement of the program functions lost due to the storm damage. Through a contemporary design, evoking many European concepts, the new Office support area provides a new ‘front door’ to the facility and embodies Polysols’ corporate image. As a company that specializes in recycling textile remnants for horse track footing, Polysols seeks to demonstrate a focused connection to the environment; a link revealed through extensive landscaping planters within the footprint. Additional Warehouse space provides the facility with a more efficient Logistics area, updating the previous very outdated dock wall.

Context Design Group appreciates their partnership with Polysols Textile Solutions and the opportunity to lead them through the removal, repair, and rebuild processes of their American headquarter facility.