Context Design Group, PLLC was commissioned to provide the Conceptual Design and Phasing Strategy for WTC - II Industrial Park in San Luis Potosi, Mexico for Grupo Valoran.


Available land area is comprised of approximately 3,500 Acres or 1,420 Hectares. Focus of the park is all areas of manufacturing with primary target being the Automotive Market Sector. Features of the park benefit from having 3 major OEM Assembly Plants within a 5-mile radius of WTC - II.The Masterplan is designed to provide flexibility with lots of varying depths that can accommodate many different process use configurations. WTC - II is structured to capitalize on the many benefits of being associated with and a continuation of WTC – I (approximately 2,000 Acres or 810 Hectares).


WTC - I & II are located in the Industrial Zone portion of San Luis Potosi, conveniently situated and directly adjacent to the most important NAFTA Road & Rail Infrastructure Corridor in Mexico. WTC - II is situated within 5 miles of General Motors & BMW SLP Assembly Plants in addition to many other Tier 1, 2 & 3 Suppliers to the Automotive Industry. Companies who are looking for a location in Mexico that provides a competitive advantage have to look seriously at WTC – II.

WTC - II provides customers with the following park infrastructure & utilities: Private Freshwater Supply Wells, NFPA Fire Protection Site Infrastructure, Park Located Electric Power Generation & Substations in addition to CFE Direct Access, Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Sanitary Sewer Line System and Stormwater Management & Controls Systems. Kansas City Southern Mexico (KCSM) will own and operate an Intermodal Terminal at the Park.  Free Trade Zone (FTZ) Status will be offered to all WTC – II Park participants.


WTC – II is designed to be implemented in seven Development Phases of approximately 500 Acres or 200 Hectares each. The large lot position on the south side of Highway 80D was originally developed for Ford Assembly Plant SLP and is now being marketed to other Automotive OEM’s around the world as a potential new location to enter the Mexican Market.


Context Design Group, PLLC (CDG) is responsible for conceptual design of WTC - II & will be helping Grupo Valoran promote sales as well as offer Architectural & Engineering Services to Companies who choose to locate within WTC – II.