Programming, Site Master Planning, Process Flow Analysis, and Conceptual Design

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Context Design Group’s team led the design for a new state-of-the-art automotive drive train components manufacturing facility consisting of ultimately 300,000 SF. The initial phase consisted of 200,000 SF expandable to 300,000 SF with approximately 30,000 SF of office support areas.


The facility is designed to streamline the process flow from receipt of raw materials to staging and shipping of finished control arms to other ZF OEM drive train assembly locations.  This facility is highly automated with a variety of machining operations and is organized into dedicated work cells based on program specific products.


Minimizing WIP, streamlining processes, and reducing overall inventory in the facility was the prime goal.  Layout and process flow analysis utilizes techniques of the Toyota Production System. The logistic support areas were designed for a maximum of three (3) days of internal storage. Incorporating space for future programs was designed into Phase I of the Newton facility.