Administration Facility

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Context Design Group, through our partnership with Gala & Associates in Detroit, lead the design effort for the central administration facility of the new Ford assembly plant in San Luis Potisi, Mexico. Ford made the decision to locate their new 3 million square foot manufacturing plant with a fast-track schedule to be in operation in under 2 years from project commencement. The team at Context managed the design of this facility in under 2 months to align with the Owner’s timeline.


The project includes several program components dictating a fluid solution to act as a central core for the campus. The facility houses the security office and entry gate for all employees. Support areas including a large cafeteria and toilet facilities comprise the adjoining wing of the building creating a gathering space for the plant. A landscaped courtyard serves to break the secure / unsecure areas of the facility and to direct circulation to the entry points for employees & visitors. The courtyard layout also provides ample connection to the exterior for all areas of the facility.

The overall U-shaped layout also serves to provide multiple access points for persons arriving by multiple transportation methods. Personal vehicles, bus service, and pedestrian/bicycle modes are very common, with each having dedicated approaches. Additionally, all utility infrastructure for the facility is hidden through screen walls blending with extensions of the building envelope.


This facility serves as an open, welcoming point for visitors as well as a secure, efficient destination for employees.